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How we started


The birth of We On Nation derived from Dj Inftheturnup's ambittion to make sure that independent artists had a platform to showcase their artistry. She was once a music artist and felt that its was so many obsticals for artists that she formed this platform to help move the obsticals out of the way.  

Why We On Nation?


We are a family of artists that seek to bridge the gap between Independent artists and  the mainstream. We have personally been in many positions as artists producers, and visionaries to relate to artist needs. We are here to help you with what you need! Lets work together and each other stand


“You guys are so supportive thanks for posting my music video!”



“Thanks for giving me the opportunity. No one else would work with my vision.”

Keith Taylor


“I am so happy I am a part of We On Nation. I have grown and gotten in a great position to succeed”

Durrty Hanna

Contact Us |Email| |Phone| (646)259-1494|Location| United States Brooklyn, New York  11219

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